Let’s get this party started

Let me start by introducing myself! I’ll be quick. So, hi! I’m Julia! Yes, the four beauties in the photo are mine. We started our adoption journey 13 years ago when we started paperwork to adopt from Guatemala. That’s where our oldest, Kya, is from. Our three littles are all adopted through foster care, here in the States. My husband and I have been married 16 years and are huge foster care and adoption advocates. Every child deserves a safe and loving home!

I don’t like being long winded so my blogging style might leave something to be desired. I’m going to answer a couple common questions to finish this introduction. Then maybe you’ll know us a little better.

What led us to adoption and foster care?

I had this priest…(I’m going somewhere here so don’t duck out). When I was 5, we had this priest move to our town and local church. He lived in Africa for 22 years before that. He became one of the most influential people in my life from then on. He died when I was 17 but a seed was planted. These people from this third world country I saw on infomercials were REAL. My heart ached for them. I couldn’t look away, even as a child. I owe this to the compassion this man taught me for those people. He’ll never know my children, but I hope he somehow knows the impact he had on mine and their lives.

This seed is just part of what led us to adopt our oldest from Guatemala. After that, we knew we were supposed to adopt again but the COST! We also knew that adopting through the system was free but…foster care? Could we do it? Could we love a child and then lose them?

At the time, we honestly didn’t know. But we felt the pull so we went to all the classes and got the certification. Still, we thought, “adoption cases only”. But then we got that first call…we were driving…I looked at my husband and said, “someone fostered our daughter for us.” He nodded his, “yes” because he couldn’t speak through the emotion.

“Our first placement”

It was a baby that hadn’t been released from the hospital yet. He had brain damage from the effects drugs had on his mother’s expecting body. We sat at the hospital with him. The Dr came in to meet us and explain how “bad off” the baby was. The Dr. cried.

I’ll never forget that young, professional man crying because he was so touched someone would want that baby, brain damage and all the medical issues that came with him. That moment made me realize how much our “yes” was needed. This child needed a home, we had a home to give him. That’s how it all started.

“Are we finished yet?”

In short, no. I still feel exactly the same way I did with that first placement. Children need homes, we have a home to give them. I don’t think our hearts will ever change on this as long as the need for foster and adoptive homes exists.

What made me start a blog?

I used to have a blog…a “foodie blog” believe it or not! Years ago, I prayed about it and felt like God was leading me to post the details of foster care on IG. Not just the pretty, not just my happy moments. Because people need to see the truth, the NEED! My prayer has been that I’m used to lead others to open their hearts and homes to children in need. Even though I share a lot of this on my IG, I believe having a blog will help me dive a little deeper and share the details a little better.

First post DONE!

I’m feeling rusty but also really proud of myself for finally doing this! I hope you stay tuned in for the month of May! It’s Foster Care Awareness Month & I’m sure I’ll be writing more on these pages.